Coating equipment

Professional machinery for industrial coating

We carefully design every piece of equipment, for both new plants and existing lines. We strive to offer reliable machines that keep up with all the technological innovations in the industry.

Cleaning tunnels and systems

Designed to prepare surfaces before coating, our machines ensure thorough, consistent cleaning and optimal paint adhesion.

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Drying ovens

Essential after a cleaning cycle, our ovens ensure fast and efficient surface drying using advanced technology to control temperature and airflow parameters.

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Paint application equipment

Our solutions include automatic and manual machines that guarantee uniform, high-quality finishing. We use the latest technology to optimise efficiency and reduce material waste.

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Curing and baking ovens

Curing and baking ovens are essential to improve the adhesion and resistance properties of the applied paint. Our ovens are designed to precisely control temperatures and process times, ensuring the paint polymerises properly.

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Overhead conveyors

Designed to efficiently move the parts through the different stages of the coating process, our conveyors are robust and flexible, optimising the workflow and reducing downtime.

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Discover our systems

Discover our complete range of industrial painting systems, designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether you are looking for a complete coating system or individual equipment, we have the right solution for you.

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